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When correlating sac size with structures within the sac, a yolk sac was first seen in a gestational sac between 6 and 9 mm and a heartbeat seen in every patient with a 9-mm or greater gestational sac diameter.

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Transvaginal sonography in the evaluation of normal early pregnancy: correlation with HCG level.

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No large series has been reported with correlative data between early pregnancy findings, HCG, and gestational age.

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These data allow identification of normal intrauterine pregnancy and distinction of normal from ectopic gestation at least 1 week earlier than is possible with transabdominal techniques.

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The presence and size of the gestational sac, presence of normal pregnancy in the fifth through seventh weeks of gestation. We performed 75 transvaginal examinations in 53 patients with proved a yolk sac, and identification of embryonic heart activity were.


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