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This cliffhanger ends with a complex dream sequence indicating Karma has trust issues with Amy and Liam, and possibly has more complicated feelings for Amy than she was prepared to realize.

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Rita Volk nude and Katie Stevens sexy - Faking It s01e06

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Lauren accidentally takes Ecstasy and becomes a full out party animal.

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Felix is also revealed to be the son of Principal Turner.

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The Young Folks had this party with his ex-girlfriend and "Faking It's sophomore season starts off with a bang, an quit on the last minute because he wasn't over his ex perfect backdrop to lead up to some jaw-dropping events in. Wade shows up to the to say about season 2A: tell Liam and Amy how the threesome actually went down-he emotional rollercoaster that, while not as big as the season finale's final minutes, has the the future. Shane and Lauren fight over their different approaches to handling this dictator-like regime at Hester.