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That smart ass commentary I guess with the added bonus that he looks like a raccoon, is tiny, and has these huge ass guns and acts kind of like a big shot.

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I follow characters and plotlines loosely, and there are a few story arcs I'm looking for collected in GN's but can't seem to find.

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So if they characterized him well it would give him alot more staying power, in which case it would be completely dependent on the writer.

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Well i have a couple characters join them for periods of time. The Guardians have had other rocket raccoon comics in the comic, such as Captain Universe, who hadn't been utilized in extremely long periods. They can't really drag Lylla back into his life without some writer killing him off, so it's best she stays back in Halfworld with the rest of his old friends - though Wal Russ did show up in the Free.


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