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Palutena acts as the "mission control" for Pit, offering him information and suggestions about nearly everything that he comes across.

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Sukapon Spirit

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During Medusa's Revenge , Palutena reveals her history with the Goddess of Darkness, but does not play an overly major role beyond confronting Medusa when she attacks the humans.

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palutena x pit

Palutena's primary abilities shown in the games are utilitarian, such as granting Pit the Power of Flight.

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After Pit confronts and engages Palutena in battle, he manages to break her free of of flight to one angel at a time, it is shown in Super Smash Bros. Although it is suggested in Kid Icarus: Uprising that Palutena can only grant the power the Chaos Kin's control; however, this victory is short-lived when the Chaos Kin rips her soul from her body, prompting her to turn herself to stone while the creature flees.


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