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Alluding to the array of Bee Gees hits that have been recorded by other artists over the years, Burns tweeted:.

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"bee gees" Memes & GIFs

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Glastonbury June 25, While plenty of people enjoyed the joke, not everybody got it, and some were at pains to explain just how wrong Rachel was.

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Twitter joke about Barry Gibb's Glastonbury 'covers' descends into farce

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In a nod to their disco years, during the course of his Glastonbury set, Gibb was persuaded to wear a sparkly fancy dress Bee Gees jacket handed to him from the crowd.

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I bet that Barry Gibb never thought that he would end up doing his biggest gig wearing a gold bomber jacket from Primark. No hunny, he actually did the songs first and then THEY covered them.