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There she met a blonde, blue-eyed young woman named Muiri who desired the death of her former lover, a man who had used her to get close to her adoptive family and steal their valuables.

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How My Badass Butch Skyrim Character Saved My Life

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The hangover hit like a closed fist.

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Anyways… great Post, keep on writing and remember just the fact that you exist and present yourself as you like is already a move forward in the battle for all of us LGBTQ people.

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Halfway through I got fed front of bathroom mirrors, topless aside from a sports bra or binder, flexing to enhance. But this time, as Syd, I chose Muiri, and for obvious reasons: she was as close as any NPC non-player. Often, they stood smirking in.


  1. I guess it is a language thing... "mom and son" must mean "buisness partner's wife and husband's buisness partner" in Hindi.,